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Translation request/翻译请求[编辑]

Greetings Lieukehli!

Can you please help me write this article: 真耶稣教会 into the proper Wuu language? Your help would be gratefully appreciated.

Regards, --Jose77 05:51, 3 October 2006 (UTC)

  • Hi! I will have a try and make it neutral as with the Wikimedia policy.--Lieukehli 06:35, 3 October 2006 (UTC)
Thankyou very much for your help!
May Wuu Wikipedia prosper!
--Jose77 03:24, 5 October 2006 (UTC)


Hi, you said  : 

Do you mean the Kosovo Independance ?

I did not started that artical and I am not interested in politics.

早稻田 2008年8月29日 (礼拜五) 05:51 (UTC)

汉奸电影,以及容易引发统独联想个内容--Lieukehli 2008年8月29日 (礼拜五) 05:56 (UTC)

I need these type of english worded redirection links, because I am unable to type chinese characters in the library some times (depends which computer I got).

that's also why I careated many templates such as {{bjoyh2}} for 2008年北京奧林匹克运动会 —— that's purely for convenience and it is acceptable practice for chinese and 文言文 wiki.

早稻田 2008年9月8日 (礼拜一) 01:09 (UTC)

Making English redirection links for each entry is unacceptable and unnecessary. You can follow the interwiki links from the English edition to reach the Wu counterpart. And if you really need an alternative method to input Chinese characters, there are plenty of web-page-based inputing tools without asking you to install any software, e.g., Therefore, your templates are not necessary either. And please be reminded that your templates have been making the source code unreadable for other editors, which set a huge barriers to new users and discourage the collaboration. --Lieukehli 2008年9月8日 (礼拜一) 01:34 (UTC)
Thank you for all your opinions !! alright !
can you make a list of my unique contributions
for me to check on.
I do not want to use the "我个贡献"——there are
too many repeated entries, and the list better be sorted
in some kind of order.
If the wiki is convenient to every one else but
me, then it also does not make sense either——right ??
&I can make a "robot" to convert all the {{blah blah}}
back to chinese (in case you can not make it)
that should not be a problem !!
I don't know how to create the unique contribution page, maybe you can file a request at
The Wu Wikipedia is NOT your personal blog. I have provided you the alternative method to input Chinese, so you should stop hijacking the templates to satisfy your own convenience while obstructing the others'. If you can make such a bot to turn the Wikipedia back to its normal course, please do it. I would appreciate you for that. --Lieukehli 2008年9月8日 (礼拜一) 17:54 (UTC)

Templates deletion[编辑]


I'm Hercule, sysop and bot operator here to give help.

See the message I left to Wtzdj

When I will have listed the templates you will be able to remove from the page the templates to keep. After this step I will launch my bot for the substitution and deletion (I don't know yet how to delete with a bot).

Regards --Hercule 2008年9月8日 (礼拜一) 20:23 (UTC)

Appreciate!--Lieukehli 2008年9月9日 (礼拜两) 06:05 (UTC)
The list of unused templates is here. If you remove the ones to keep I can help for the deletion
The list of used templates is here. Remove the ones to keep and I'll launch my bot for substitution before we can delete them. At the right of the name you have the content. Then you can modify incorrect ones before substitution.
Inform me when you will a done the selection
--Hercule 2008年9月9日 (礼拜两) 20:29 (UTC)
Thank you very much for your effort! I have reviewed both lists and made some correction, you may invoke the bot now.
--Lieukehli 2008年9月11日 (礼拜四) 01:16 (UTC)

Templates deletion 2[编辑]

just saw you modified codes in

original : {{Wuu}} 「」──{{le}}{{Wnry}}{{Lx}}是第二人称复数个意思。

your code becomes : {{Wuu}} 「」──辣吴侬软语里向是第二人称复数个意思。

but 大力神 already said he will run macro to remove html comments and things like {{le}}{{ 搭仔 {{lx}}{{ etc. etc.

is that good time wasted  ??

早稻田 2008年9月11日 (礼拜四) 02:01 (UTC)

Thank you for your concern. But his bot is not an excuse for doing nothing to remove fragmental codes when I happened to get into the page.
--Lieukehli 2008年9月11日 (礼拜四) 03:25 (UTC)

characters conversion[编辑]

I've done a first test, see the log (User:HerculeBot/Logs) and give me your opinion about it (on my talk page)

In your list there was 2 different conversions for character 無. So I removed it.

I still have to manange the use of templates, and the possibility to voluntary keep traditional characters.

--Hercule 2008年9月12日 (礼拜五) 11:53 (UTC)

I have fully protected Wikipedia:机器人/TraditionalToSimplifiedParameters in order you can verify it before I launch my bot.
Could you says me when I can run more tests ? (on very few pages, changes will be listed.
--Hercule 2008年9月16日 (礼拜两) 13:47 (UTC)
Hi, please find the defective pairs on the talk page.
--Lieukehli 2008年9月19日 (礼拜五) 05:22 (UTC)
Could you update the list by yourself?
Didn't you received my mail?
--Hercule 2008年9月19日 (礼拜五) 06:35 (UTC)
好哉--Lieukehli 2008年9月19日 (礼拜五) 18:32 (UTC)


I'll start to launch (slowly first) my bot on traditionnal to simplified characters.

The edits will be logged User:HerculeBot/Logs. Could you have a look on this page to check if there is no errors. You can delele entries when verified.

My bot don't correct characters into {{}} tags, and don't touch interwikis. for words needing to be written with traditionnal characters you should use {{TC|text with traditionnal characters}}


--Hercule 2008年9月27日 (礼拜六) 20:00 (UTC)

好哉 --Lieukehli 2008年9月28日 (礼拜天) 06:59 (UTC)

請教 / please teach me[编辑]

  • 倷好,刘先生

what does this mean ? --康非字典 2008年11月14日 (礼拜五) 16:52 (UTC)

“他们的鱼很多。” 渠里是第三人称复数的诸多变体之一,但是通行度并不很广,我个人建议用渠拉或者俗体的伊拉。我注意到你有时会把“渠里”或者“伊俚”(伊俚究竟有没有人说我还不好肯定,但这里的“里(俚)”是表示人称复数,而不是方位)用在指示代词的位置,要知道,在苏沪的表达方式(也是吴语维基的主流表达方式)中表示“那儿”“那里”的词一般用“伊面”“伊面搭”“伊搭”。--Lieukehli 2008年11月17日 (礼拜一) 02:24 (UTC)

        Thank you so much for your advice !! for a long time I thought I had made such a mistake —— since you also recommended, from now on I will use the word 伊拉 instead

        I will be careful when saying 伊面 / 伊面搭 etc. etc.

        One of my uncles (my aunt's husband) is native SH speaker, he once said that we can not use “伊垃” —— because “垃” should only be used in “垃西” (as rubbish) and I tend to agree with him 。。。

        Thanks !

  • 倷勒"自我介绍"讲过——

any example for me to " 拜读一下"?? Thank you !!--康非字典 2008年11月14日 (礼拜五) 16:52 (UTC)

AODV --Lieukehli 2008年11月17日 (礼拜一) 02:24 (UTC)
      Thanks again —— I will try to read but very hard to understand indeed !!

      I believe its ALL good stuff !!

      Personally prefer software topics such as Ubuntu and games !!!

      康非字典 2008年11月17日 (礼拜一) 10:34 (UTC)


YO I JUST SIGNED UP SHOW ME AROUND I CANT READ.大始王皇 2008年11月14日 (礼拜五) 22:37 (UTC)

If you can't read Chinese, find a tutor.--Lieukehli 2008年11月17日 (礼拜一) 02:46 (UTC)

who suggested simplified characters for this?[编辑]

whoever suggested simplified characters DID NOT take into account that some reforms in it ie. combining homohpones, and other characters were designed only for Mandarin. using simplified characters for wu was a very BAD idea because simp. characters were designed for mandarin. coninued use and this encyclopedia will run into problems. Confusion in classical chinese written in simplified chinese arose because some simplified characters was only for mandarin

            Thanks for your concerns —— I think the ten cases listed in the article are theoretical cases, at most we may say that is worst case scenario and seldom affect pple's conversations these days !!

            i mean -- yeah -- pple can get into trouble by writing with simplified characters but they are good at learning from their (or other pples mistakes) and there will not be such problems or moments of confusion very often  !!!

            康非字典 2008年11月22日 (礼拜六) 16:32 (UTC)


      what is the best translation in Wuu ??

      康非字典 2008年11月22日 (礼拜六) 16:32 (UTC)

高档的、大的叫宾馆,低档的、小的叫招待所,中庸一点的统称旅馆,通常不说旅店。另外有个普通话不用的叫法是栈房,专指hotel里出租的某一间房。--Lieukehli 2009年2月4日 (礼拜三) 17:42 (UTC)

Where have you been ?[编辑]

      & how do we pronounce these two words :
牛年好!的汉语拼音是chai2,吴语上海话里发音同,是浊音声母--Lieukehli 2009年2月4日 (礼拜三) 17:46 (UTC)


a very powerfull tool is now available: en:Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser

This tool makes you able to easyly convert traditionnals to simplified characters, without using HerculeBot.

Go to Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser to register yourself and start using it (sysops don't need to be registered)


---Hercule Talk 2009年1月23日 (礼拜五) 22:53 (UTC)

Thank you very much. I'll be learning how to use it. --Lieukehli 2009年2月4日 (礼拜三) 17:49 (UTC)


  • Hello there; GhalyBot has a global bot flag and many local bots on other wikipedias, I have stopped it from work on wuu.wikipedia ,please unblock it. thanks.--Ghaly 2009年2月21日 (礼拜六) 20:10 (UTC)


阿拉斯加鲑 2009年4月9日 (礼拜四) 09:46 (UTC)

flag management[编辑]


I proposed a change of the flag management procedure. Your opinion would be appreciated ;o)


--Hercule Talk 2009年9月1日 (礼拜两) 14:40 (UTC)

The policy is changed. A flag not used during more than one year will be removed, with possibility to simply request it during 6 months.
If you want to keep the tool you can make dummy action (i.e. protect + unprotect a page).
But I think that the number of sysops should reflect the reality of the project.
I hope you will come back for contributions, because I'm not enough as unique active admin :(
--Hercule Talk 2009年10月15日 (礼拜四) 09:01 (UTC)
I just requested your sysop flag removal. If you want it back you have 6 months to make a simple request to any bureaucrat. After these 6 months you have to make a new candidature.
I hope you will come back soon.
--Hercule Talk 2010年4月30日 (礼拜五) 13:26 (UTC)