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Please, could you translate this article onto the language of this Wikipedia? Thanks for your help. If you wanna translate your city onto Aragonese, Spanish, Catalonian, Galician o Asturian language, tell it to me, please. -- 17:45, 12 十二月 2007 (UTC)

It barely has any information as it stands. 21:56, 12 十二月 2007 (UTC)
Hello, I am glad to help you, please read this brief information page, but the information on the English Wikipedia is too less, can you provide more information to me, in order to write a better article ? 粵人



曼谷文按照君的意思改用簡體字了,又捅荡仔三篇小區文,難度邪氣大啦。既然規則說吳語以簡體書寫,何不干脆全自動繁體化簡體? 免得我們這些老外一不小心就粘進一星 Big-5 code ??

粵人 00:15, 13 十二月 2007 (UTC)

维基媒体用UTF-8编码。 2008年3月4日 (礼拜两) 01:39 (UTC)
  • sorry 1360degree is not done by me. Its R.E.A. its just for increasing the number. and im so confused now. Are you and REA the same person? my god
  • Hi Lunin, as you are an administrator, could you please replace the logo with a Wu personised image? I neab change the "the free encyclopedia" to 自由个百科全书 吴语维基百科/吴语维基版地

Please semi protect Paris Hilton[编辑]

Actually the chinese articl is : 帕荔斯 希尔顿 , some body does not like Miss Hilton and vandalised it on Friday, June 13.

Thanx a lot !! 亚荔石坪 2008年6月23日 (礼拜一) 02:46 (UTC)

I am not an administrator but have applied.
我无是一个管理员但是我已经申请了。-- 2008年6月23日 (礼拜一) 04:14 (UTC)
是个管理员不过我已申请哉。   --:))
Ok, Thank you !!!


Do you still consider that I should not be an admin? Because there are other candidates I'd like to know if I must retire.


--Hercule 2008年7月17日 (礼拜四) 14:18 (UTC)

Hello again,
I now request bureaucrat rights, please indicates your opinion about it at Wikipedia:申请管理员/Hercule.
Thanks --Hercule 2008年7月18日 (礼拜五) 13:58 (UTC)


怎么样? 2008年8月3日 (礼拜天) 02:57 (UTC)

O兄目前是管理员,有处帮logo吴化伐? 譬如:“吴语百科全书/吴语维基版地——自由个百科全书” 提前谢谢侬。Amorwuu 2008年7月30日 (礼拜三) 08:19 (UTC)Amor

现在需要等等。 2008年8月3日 (礼拜天) 02:57 (UTC)
I know Brion has correct privileges, but I tried to modified the page disconneted, and was able to modify text. So a did new protection. I think that's what you wanted, didn't you? --Hercule 2008年8月4日 (礼拜一) 22:09 (UTC)

Sysop flag[编辑]


I hope anything goes fine for you.

As you are inactive for more than one year I asked the revocation of your status.

If you disagreed and think you need the flag just let me know.

I proposed a change of the flag management procedure. Your opinion would be appreciated ;o)


--Hercule Talk 2009年9月1日 (礼拜两) 14:39 (UTC)

One week after the change of policy you didn't show or explain that you need the sysop tools. So I have asked the removal on meta. As stated on the revocation procedure you can simply request your flag back during 6 months if you think you need it.
--Hercule Talk 2009年10月15日 (礼拜四) 08:57 (UTC)
Welcome back. According to the current sysop flag management I can't give you back the flag on simple request. Because it was removed more than 6 months ago.
If you think you really need the flag make a new candidature.
--Hercule Talk 2010年4月30日 (礼拜五) 13:12 (UTC)