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English:Hello, I see that there are very few administrator at this wikipedia, and the requests are not treated. So I propose my help for this projet, especially for copyrights problems (for images for example). Unfortunatly I don't speak wu. --Hercule 2008年6月24日 (礼拜两) 14:05 (UTC)

Hello again,
I'm a local admin since now three weeks, like User:O. It seems I'm the only active admin.
I also propose to be a local bureaucrat. I ask to the bots to request bot flag, but these requests are not locally treated. I sent an email to our bureaucrat, but he seems busy IRL because I don't have response after two days. If there is no objection I'll make a request on meta for the bureaucrat status. --Hercule 2008年7月18日 (礼拜五) 13:56 (UTC)
I don't know. Im not opposing but it seems the bureaucrat promoted you to sysop against consensus. If that is the case then bureaucrat rights should not be granted. Mww113 2008年7月19日 (礼拜六) 11:33 (UTC)
In fact the sysop rights were granted very quickly after I posted here. The opposition came after, without any consideration of the work done. I asked to 亚荔石坪 and O if they still think I should not be an admin. 亚荔石坪 answered he think he use this site as a blog and don't need any admin, O didn't answered yet.
I don't think this is a good reason, considering the copyvio problems here :p.
--Hercule 2008年7月19日 (礼拜六) 15:47 (UTC)


Sysop candidature
  • 反对未有够多经历。应该会吴语。-- 2008年6月25日 (礼拜三) 02:34 (UTC)
    Oppose not enough experience. Should understand Wu.
    I've got a great experience of wikipedia, see my french account. --Hercule 2008年6月25日 (礼拜三) 08:39 (UTC)
    我们无管法语维基百科,只管吴语维基百科。-- 2008年6月25日 (礼拜三) 16:25 (UTC)
    We don't care about the French Wikipedia, only the Wu Wikipedia.
  • 反对WE NEED MORE TIME TO TEST OR TO KNOW YOU - SORRY MATE.--该未签名个评论是亚荔石坪讲张)加个,在2008年6月25日 (礼拜三) 08:47 (UTC)。

Incompétent, arrogant. Opposition ferme.

Budelberger 2008年9月18日 (礼拜四) 20:19 (UTC) (Flag of France.svg)

Puisque nous ne nous sommes jamais rencontrès, pourriez vous m'indiquer à quel titre vous me trouvez arrogant? --Hercule 2008年9月18日 (礼拜四) 20:55 (UTC)
Le même titre qui fait que vous vous trouvez vous-même incompétent. --Budelberger 2008年9月18日 (礼拜四) 21:48 (UTC) (Flag of France.svg)
Bureaucrat candidature


    • Already good. Let's wait for some more time to decide.sklunsgrad 2008年7月25日 (礼拜五) 14:59 (UTC)