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I agree to multi-license all my contributions, with the exception of my user pages.

technico problema[编辑]

Hi, i have a technical problem as in the page Euro 2008, actually i need to have for example 法国 to show 法国国家足球队, but what i get is 法国 国家足球队,i don't need a space between these two. Do you know how to change it. I tried a lot time using suffix or something but it doesnt work unluckily. well the template is called {{template:fb}} thanks


I was tryin yesterday a bot editing the years. But you know there is a file with the format xlm. in which you write the text. Actually i don;t know how exacty it goes, do I need a VB programme or I can write a programme in the file? totally confused. Amor 2008年6月15日 (礼拜天) 08:16 (UTC)amor

Hello, did I make a mistake by replacing Carla Bruni to 加合拉 孛何妮? I did it because it's the name of the article about her.

Regards --Hercule 2008年6月25日 (礼拜三) 10:01 (UTC)

I think you are right -- I will go there have a check 4u.
 "加合拉 孛何妮" is actually the correct Wuu translation !!
 pronounded as : "gar hor lar ╱ bor hor ni"
 Keep on ya good work -- appreciate it !!!

Images upload[编辑]


I see that you have uploaded images that doesn't seem to be your personal work, and you placed the Template:pds on it.

I also see that many people made the same thing as you.

You musn't upload on Wikipedia some photos that you didn't realised, even if you take 2 or 3 to make a thumb.

All these photos must be deleted from the server, because it causes copyright issues.

All text and media uploaded in Wikipedia must meet the GNU Free Documentation License. I will need to delete all the data that are not compatible to this licence.

I would appreciate if you can indicate the photos that are not yours in your uploaded files, by putting the template Template:Delete.

For the posters and newspaper pages I'm not sure of what must be done.

You can use any media you want from [[1]] for your articles. Use the name of the image given there, with no need to reupload it.


--Hercule 2008年6月25日 (礼拜三) 10:31 (UTC)

加合拉 孛何妮 [编辑]

You were right sir ! en francais - c'est

Carla Bruni

However, I do think the article needs a clean up, very bad formating.

Can you pls recommend a template so we can add it to the top ??

亚荔石坪 2008年6月25日 (礼拜三) 10:14 (UTC)

I can't read it, but with the icon I think it's the template you need : Template:清理 --Hercule 2008年6月25日 (礼拜三) 10:36 (UTC)

2 ideas[编辑]

近段辰光个事体——Current Events



Do you still consider that I should not be an admin? Because there are other candidates I'd like to know if I must retire.


--Hercule 2008年7月17日 (礼拜四) 14:17 (UTC)

Thank you for this answer.
Note that wikipedia has some very important requirements: it must respect the copyright law because all it's content become GFLD. For this reason there must be at least one admin taking care of the respect of this condition Smiley.svg --Hercule 2008年7月18日 (礼拜五) 06:49 (UTC)
Hello again,
I now request bureaucrat rights, please indicates your opinion about it at Wikipedia:申请管理员/Hercule.
Thanks --Hercule 2008年7月18日 (礼拜五) 13:58 (UTC)