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祝侬编辑愉快。--立登 扯老空 2015年11月26日 (四) 14:32 (UTC)


Can you check if this article is actually in Wuu? The page 小姐与流浪汉 (Lady and the Tramp) was deleted in the past as a copy of the Mandarin article. But if the article about 小姐与流浪汉2 (Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure) is actually in Wuu, can you write on about the original movie? Something like:

小姐与流浪汉 (English: Lady and the Tramp) is an American animated movie produced in 1955 by Walt Disney.

I can't tell the difference between Mandarin and Wuu because they look so similar. What exactly is the difference? Currently Lady and the Tramp II is the only article left that hasn't been deleted since the last deletion, which was in 2010. There was a slightly different title listed. The title listed before excluded the colon from the title. The first deletion was on July 9, 2009 while the other deletion was on April 9, 2010. Both times the deleted article was in Mandarin.

Another note: 天鹅公主 (The Swan Princess) is actually not a Disney movie, but the current article about it says it is. I need help correcting that.

For the record, these pages exist in the Mandarin Wikipedia. See the following:

Another article I would like to see created that was deleted besides Lady and the Tramp: 狐狸与猎狗 (The Fox and the Hound). It too exists in the Mandarin Wikipedia (zh:狐狸与猎狗).

Thank you. Kkjj讨论) 2017年12月9号 (六) 04:24 (CST)

No problem. I will create these articles you mentioned. Most of the words differences between Wuu and Mandarin are in the "Personal pronouns", "Conjunctions". And some Verbs are aslo different. Actually Wuu is an old language in east Asia. Morden words are same between Wuu and Mandarin.
If you want to creat some articles in Wuu. You can copy it from Chinese Wikipedia and change some "Personal pronouns", "Conjunctions" and some Verbs to Wuu. Currently no words limitaion in Wuu article. You can creat a short one first. Thanks. Daiquping讨论) 2017年12月9号 (六) 10:16 (CST)
Just a note but as I said before, the article on 天鹅公主 (The Swan Princess) needs correcting since it's not a Disney movie. Can you correct it based on the Mandarin version I linked? I also need to know if there are any factual inaccuracies in 小姐与流浪汉2. What I think these articles should do, is follow the Mandarin versions, but with the translations like you said. I'm bad at translating, but if I bring over articles from the Mandarin Wikipedia, will you translate them? I'll start short. Although maybe I could just create more Disney movie articles based on the ones about Lady and the Tramp and The Fox and the Hound. Would that work? Kkjj讨论) 2017年12月10号 (日) 14:02 (CST)
I have updated the introduction for The Swan Princess. It was directed by Richard Rich (理查德·里奇). You can start a short article. I will fix it if any error found. Thanks.Daiquping讨论) 2017年12月11号 (一) 20:08 (CST)


分类页要写上级分类,弗好是空白个。--Lt2818讨论) 2017年12月27号 (三) 20:52 (CST)

好了。如果是顶层。我就放Category:页面分类 Daiquping讨论) 2017年12月27号 (三) 20:54 (CST)


注意,呒不内部链接个文章弗会算勒总文章数目里向。--Lt2818讨论) 2018年1月7号 (日) 11:48 (CST)

哦,好个。但是箇种算法有点问题唉。Daiquping讨论) 2018年1月7号 (日) 11:59 (CST)


我已经提名Tsehghen哉。(徕[[Wp:申请管理员/Tsehghen|箇里)。 林浚辉讨论) 2018年1月27号 (六) 19:22 (CST)