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目前,是中文维基百科个编者,偶然来此地编辑点吴语的词条。因此申请管理员,希望更好的做好吴语维基百科个推广和编写--Legolas1024讨论) 2013年7月18日 (礼拜四) 16:40 (UTC)

(+)支持維基百科上海社群組織成員之一,有搭足夠豐富个wikipedia編輯經驗。--irc782讨论) 2013年7月18日 (礼拜四) 16:54 (UTC)

I see you're not a contributor here. Can you please make a small presentation in english, because I'm the only bureaucrat and don't understand Wu.
--Hercule Talk 2013年7月18日 (礼拜四) 19:46 (UTC)
(en) Legolas1024, I know that you are a trusted user on zhwiki and I do trust you personally, but I think you need more experience here. For instance, your presentation above seems like a mix of Wu and Mandarin. You may need to refer to Wikipedia:用词指南, 吴语字 and other sources to learn how to write Wu correctly. Besides, could you please explain what you want to do with the admin right?
(wuu) 我晓得侬勒海中文维基百科交关有经验,弗过最好还是勒此地有眼编辑经验之后再申请管理员。还有侬写个吴语有眼问题,侬可以看看叫Wikipedia:用词指南吴语字搭仔网高头其他吴语正字个资料。另外侬可弗可以解释一下侬准备用管理员个权限来做啥?--Stevenliuyi讨论) 2013年7月18日 (礼拜四) 20:29 (UTC)
As this user don't come anymore here to answer I close as refused. Don't hesitate to postulate later, if you become active here.
--Hercule Talk 2013年8月1日 (礼拜四) 10:36 (UTC)