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Sysop candidature[编辑]

English: I notice that there is only one admin now in wuuwiki. As a native speaker (Shanghainese), I'd like to be an admin because I found some works in this wiki need to be done by admins (such as removing spam pages, removing articles written in Madarin, changing the logo, etc). I believe that I'm qualified due to my great experience in zhwiki (autoreviewer, rollbacker with 38,000+ edits). Besides, I'm also autopatrolled in commonswiki and datawiki.--Stevenliuyi讨论) 2012年11月18日 (礼拜天) 15:20 (UTC)

Wuu: 现在搿个wiki里向只有一个管理员,还弗会得讲吴语。所以我想申请当管理员,可以帮伊个忙,处理一些管理高头个工作。我勒海中文维基有仔交关经验(现在已经有得三万多趟数个编辑),当管理员应该是没啥问题个。--Stevenliuyi讨论) 2012年11月18日 (礼拜天) 15:20 (UTC)

  1. 来塞格--Makecat讨论) 2012年11月19日 (礼拜一) 04:53 (UTC)
  2. I thinks if's a very good idea to have more sysops, and at least one that understand wu ! But why do you want to change the logo ? It's already in wu. --Hercule Talk 2012年11月19日 (礼拜一) 20:42 (UTC)
Thanks for your support. I'd like to remake the logo for two reasons. First, the current slogan is different from other wikipedias. Now it literally reads "the free wiki-book" instead of "the free encyclopedia". The other reason is that most wikipedias have changed their logos to 2.0 version.--Stevenliuyi讨论) 2012年11月19日 (礼拜一) 21:36 (UTC)

I can't remember if there is a defined procedure for sysop flag acquisition. So I announce that I'll close the consultation after weeks, so at the beginning of december. --Hercule Talk 2012年11月19日 (礼拜一) 20:42 (UTC)

If I forget don't hesitate to leave me a message. --Hercule Talk 2012年11月19日 (礼拜一) 20:46 (UTC)
好哉 We have a new sysop. --Hercule Talk 2012年12月12日 (礼拜三) 21:33 (UTC)