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Correction of brackets[编辑]


I don't have internet at home currently, so I can't run HerculeBot.

edits of Fjmustak were limited (特殊:用户贡献/Fjmustak). I think you can make the correction manually, or using WP:AWB.


--Hercule Talk 2009年3月16日 (礼拜一) 10:21 (UTC)

Please make an effort[编辑]


Thanks for the numerous articles you create, but you have to correct some points:

  1. Don't use HTML when not necessary. The wiki syntax makes br or ul tags unneccessary. So don't use it !
  2. When you use google translate, remove the original language text when you copy/paste. Next articles which will not be cleaned up will be deleted. Nobody will want to read a page with two different languages at every page...
  3. Stop using HTML hidden text. If a text is not suitable for this wiki, just remove it, don't hide it


--Hercule Talk 2009年3月20日 (礼拜五) 10:47 (UTC)

mandarin--> wuu[编辑]

there must be way more than that. its easy to go from traditional-->simplified, but when simplified-->traditional things screw up, so i want traditional characters on the list only. and english-->wuu translation will be too messed up for us to handle. User:大天王皇子 2009年3月23日 (礼拜一) 20:36 (UTC)

im still waiting to send the email... someone is writing the translation program. this is not a joke......User:大天王皇子 2009年3月23日 (礼拜一) 20:36 (UTC)

i will try to get him to launch it early.... then please ADD more to the list??User:大天王皇子 2009年3月26日 (礼拜四) 21:22 (UTC)

hes created a page to submit tranlsations... get an email so i can send it, i don't want anyone putting joke entries in...User:大天王皇子 2009年3月28日 (礼拜六) 20:35 (UTC)

xiang incubator[编辑]

we only need to know the characters for xiang to complete it, as romanization is not important, do you think you can complete it?User:大天王皇子 2009年3月23日 (礼拜一) 20:36 (UTC)

i have relative who speak xiang, but he only know how to speak, not how to write, so its useless anyway, someone was compiling a list of characters in the incubator, we can try from thatUser:大天王皇子 2009年3月24日 (礼拜两) 20:28 (UTC)

sskjreqiem or someone was writing stuff in incubator about xiang, if you figure out what these means, then you can contribute to it...








if you don't give the origin and the licence of this picture I'll delete it


--Hercule Talk 2009年4月7日 (礼拜两) 14:35 (UTC)