Template:Select skin

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Makes links to change the skin of the current or any page. In particular, this template is transcluded into {{Template test cases notice}}.


  • {{Select skin}} shows just the horizontal list of skins:
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{{Select skin}} 
  • |view= adds "View this page in the skin:"
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{{Select skin|view=yes}} 
View this page in the skin: 
  • One unnamed parameter can be used with |view= to include a linked article:
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{{Select skin|Funabashi (city)|view=yes}} 
View Funabashi (city) in the skin: 
  • |style= adds CSS styling:
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{{select skin|style=font-size:80%}} 


You can also temporarily set the skin manually by appending to the URL:

  • ?useskin=skinname for normal cases.
  • &useskin=skinname if the URL already contains an equals sign.