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Requested Move: “斐迪南一世 (奥地利)” → “斐迪南一世 (奥地利皇帝)”[编辑]

Change to a more accurate disambiguation "奥地利皇帝" for the title of this article, because this article is about Ferdinand I, Emperor of Austria (斐迪南一世 (奥地利皇帝)), however it is necessary to distinguish from Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor (斐迪南一世 (神圣罗马帝国)), who was also Ferdinand I, Archduke of Austria (斐迪南一世 (奥地利大公)). Thus, this article should be moved to “斐迪南一世 (奥地利皇帝)”, and change “斐迪南一世 (奥地利)” to a disambiguation page.--Joker Twins讲张) 2022年1月5号 (三) 20:13 (CST)回复[回复]