need concensus ??[编辑]

i sugguest we go to the English page for en:you and add
IW links to both "you" in our Wu wiki.
i know similar thing happened in japanese -- not exactly in this case tho
any body agree !!?? 2009年2月2日 (礼拜一) 06:03 (UTC)
I disagree. There can be only one interwiki for wu on a single english page.
As I understand one is Wu and one is Mandarin? Then link Wu one, that mean You in english.
--Hercule Talk 2009年2月2日 (礼拜一) 07:54 (UTC)
          actually we have 2 for Wu:
                and 2 for Mandarin:

          I would go for the more common one in Wu →→ and leave to historytext book...

    Salmonbot 2009年2月2日 (礼拜一) 09:49 (UTC)

i found zh. has no article for , if it existed, it should link to here. but i think here should link to 你 because 你 means 侬. or we could just switch, with 侬 linking to 你 and 你 linking to 侬, because they mean the same thing. and their meaning is "-----" no meaning, because 侬 is meaningless in mandarin and 你 is meaningless in wuu. so they should link to each other大天王皇子 2009年2月2日 (礼拜一) 20:36 (UTC)

你 isn't used in wuu, so maybe we can link it to and english article like thou, because that is a former word for you in english that isnt used anymore...大天王皇子 2009年2月2日 (礼拜一) 20:39 (UTC)

thou is still used in some english dialect, just like 你 is usedin mandarin dialects... we should link useless words to other useless words...大天王皇子 2009年2月2日 (礼拜一) 20:40 (UTC)