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定向运动地图 Orienteering map

Orienteering map定向运动地图 An orienteering map is a map specially prepared for use in orienteering competitions.一个定向地图是地图专门准备用于定向越野比赛。 It is a topographic map with extra details to help the competitor navigate through the competition area.这是一个地形图与额外的细节,以帮助竞争对手浏览的竞争领域。

These maps are much more detailed than general-purpose topographic maps, and incorporate a standard symbology that is designed to be useful to anyone, regardless of native language.这些地图是更详细的比一般用途地形图,并把一个标准的符号,目的是有用的人,不管母语。 In addition to indicating the topography of the terrain with contour lines, orienteering maps also show forest density, water features, clearings, trails and roads, earthen banks and rock walls, gullies and ditches, wells and pits, fences and power lines, man-made objects, buildings, boulders, and other features of the terrain.除了显示的地形地形与等高线,野外定向地图还表明森林密度,水的功能,空地,步道和道路,土银行和岩壁,冲沟和壕沟,水井和坑,围栏和输电线路,人为物体,建筑物,石头,和其他功能的地形。 Orienteering maps are 1:15000 or 1:10000 scale . [ 1 ]定向地图1:15000或1:10000 规模 。 [ 1 ]

Orienteering map[编辑]

定向地图(不法语标准)标示为业余无线电测向 ,以三角形开始,大国和小同心圆上完成,两个五年控制点 (隐藏的无线电信标) 。


An orienteering map, and a compass , are the primary aids for the competitor to complete an orienteering course of control points as quickly as possible. [ 2 ] A map that is reliable and accurate is essential so that a course can be provided which will test the navigational skills of the competitor.一个定向地图和一个指南针 ,是主要的竞争对手艾滋病完成定向过程中控制点 ,尽快。 [ 2 ]地图,是可靠和准确是至关重要的,这样当然可以提供这将测试航行技能的竞争者。 The map also needs to be relevant to the needs of the competitor showing the terrain in neither too much nor too little detail.该地图还需要相关的需要,竞争对手显示地形既不太多也不太少细节。


Orienteering map定向运动地图 In the early days of orienteering, competitors used whatever maps were available; these were typically topographic maps from the national mapping agency.在初期,野外定向,竞争对手使用的地图有什么,这些是典型的地形图由国家测绘局。 Gradually, specially drawn maps have been provided to meet the specific requirements of orienteering.渐渐地,特别提请地图已提供,以满足特定要求的定向。 These maps are produced by local orienteering clubs and are a valuable resource for the club.这些地图是由俱乐部和当地野外定向是一种宝贵的资源俱乐部。 Established clubs with good resources eg maps and manpower are usually able to host more events.成立俱乐部,良好的资源,例如地图和人力通常能够举办更多的活动。 Maps produced specifically for orienteering show a more detailed description of terrain features.地图制作专门为野外定向查看详细描述地形特征。 For example, large rocks above the soil surface do not normally appear on topographic maps but can be important features on many orienteering maps.例如,大石头上面土壤表面通常不会出现在地形图,但可以在许多重要的特点定向地图。 Because the competition must test the navigational skills of the competitor, areas are sought which have a terrain that is rich in usable features.由于竞争的航行必须测试技能的竞争者,谋求地区有丰富的地形是在实用功能。 Notable examples include Pawtuckaway State Park , New Hampshire and Valles Caldera , New Mexico , both having many boulders and boulder fields.显着的例子包括Pawtuckaway国家公园 ,新罕布什尔州和瓦勒斯卡尔德拉 ,新墨西哥,双方有许多巨石和巨石领域。


The map scale is 1:15000, with a permitted enlargement to 1:10000 (with symbols at 150%). 地图规模 1:15000 ,以允许扩大到1:1 (与符号150 % ) 。 Other map scales may be provided for various purposes.其他地图表可提供用于各种目的。 The map is printed in five colours [ 2 ] , which cover the main groups: Land forms, rock and boulders, water and marsh , vegetation, and man-made features.地图印制在五个颜色[ 2 ] ,其中涉及的主要群体:土地的形式,岩石和石块,水和沼泽 ,植被和人为的功能。 There are additional specifications for technical symbols, and an extra colour for overprinting symbols.还有其他规格的技术符号,和一个额外的颜色套印符号。 The symbols used should be explained in a legend . [ 2 ]使用的符号,应加以解释的一个传奇 。 [ 2 ]


[ edit ] Brown : Land forms [ 编辑 ] 布朗:土地形式 Land forms are shown using contour lines with a contour interval of 5 metres.土地形式的显示都是使用等高线的轮廓间隔5米。 Additional symbols are provided to show eg earth bank, knoll , depression , small depression, pit, broken ground etc.提供额外的符号显示如地球银行, 小丘 , 抑郁症 ,抑郁症小,坑槽,破土动工等

[ edit ] Black : Rock features [ 编辑 ] 黑:摇滚功能 This group covers cliffs , boulders , boulder fields, and boulder clusters etc.这组包括悬崖 , 巨石 ,巨石领域和巨石群等

[ edit ] Blue : Water features [ 编辑 ] 蓝色:水景 This group covers lakes, ponds, rivers, water channels, marshes, and wells etc.这组包括湖泊,池塘,河流,水道,沼泽,水井等

Vegetation: White colour is forest, yellow is open area, and green indicates reduced runability.植被: 白色是森林, 黄色是开放的领域, 绿色表示减少runability 。 

[ edit ] Green/Yellow : Vegetation [ 编辑 ] 绿色/黄色:植被 This group covers vegetation. White is typically open runnable forest. Green means a forest of low visibility with reduced running speed, being graded from slow running, through difficult running, to impassable. Yellow colour shows open areas.这组包括植被。 白宫通常是开放式运行的森林。 绿色是指森林的低能见度降低运行速度,正在缓慢运行等级,通过艰难的运行,以通行。 黄色表明开放地区。 Green vertical stripes are used to indicate undergrowth (slow or difficult running) but otherwise with good visibility.绿色纵向条纹是用来表明下层 (运行缓慢或困难) ,但其他有良好的能见度。